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KeeperRichScores is about rich scores, rich data. In many projects there is anabundance of data, without necessarily a lot of information. With the help of my analytical education, combined with my commercial talent, I’m able to make meaningful information out of loads of data in order to support organisations working on sports projects fulfilling their ambitions. RichScores also means Rich(ard) is effective, successful. That’s what I want to be in my work and sports.

RichScores is started in 2013 by me, Richard de Lange. In RichScores I combine my passion for sports with 15+ years of international business development experience.

After being educated as an (applied) mathematician, I worked 3 years as a consultant quantitative methods for PTT Post. In 1998 I switched to the suypply chain world, where I fulfilled roles as an analyst, project manager, business development / sector director and various other sales & marketing roles. In 2013 I started RichScores.

After working hours I actively practice sports (cricket, football, tennis) and I have been the president of Voorburg Cricket Club for seven years, where we have organised various international matches (Division World Cricket League, U19 Word Cup qualification) and hosted the Dutch team during various CB40 matches and international fixtures.


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