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ADO VrouwenADO Den Haag Women

Women Soccer at ADO Den Haag is organised separately, stand-alone from the men. This means they develop their own strategy and have to find their own commercial means. RichScores holds the commercial position at he “ADO Den Haag Vrouwen” since January 2014 and is responsible for acquisition and retention of sponsors as well as for related commercial activities.

Because of the business case our main sponsor Solid Online got a nomination for a SponsorRing in 2016.

N.V. ADO Den Haag

adoSince the acquisition of the majority of ADO Den Haag shares by the Chinese sport marketing agency United Vansen International Sports Co Ltd. the commercial environment has become m ore complex and international. To develop appropriate propositions for prospects ADO Den Haag asked RichScores for commerical support. This involves but is not limited to big deals, business cases, business plans, presentations to prospects (in Dutch or English) involving all stadia of the sales cycle (lead generation, development, preparation, , presentation, negotiation, closing, account management).

Amongst other logistics provider NL Express has partnered with ADO Den Haag for relationship marketing and exposure pruposes (SKy Lounge, LED Boarding)

Dutch Ice Hockey Association

Unlike some other sports, World Cups are organised annually in Ice Hockey. The elite World Cup is being contested by countries like the US and Russia, the Netherlands is currently on the fourth level (division IIA). In April 2018 the Netherlands organizes the World Cup Div IIA, in which Australia, Belgium, Iceland, Serbia and China participate alongside the Netherlands of course. Because of my experience in working with Chinese parties, the ice hockey association has added me as a commercial project manager to further explore these possibilities. We are looking, among other things, at selling the TV rights. After all, with Beijing 2022 on the horizon, winter sports in China are becoming increasingly important and interesting.

Royal Dutch Cricket Association (KNCB)

Cricket is a small sport in the Netherlands, but its the world’s most popular sport after football. It is even the best viewed sport in the world. Despite a modest number of players in the Netherlands, the national men’s team managed to qualify for a competition in which all major countries will participate. This provides hundreds of hours of exposure and therefore special marketing opportunities worldwide. The KNCB has asked RichScores to develop and sell that proposition.



To qualify for the World Cup 2015, the Dutch women’s team had to play the play-off final vs Italië in November 2014. The Hague lobbied already for some weeks to make the Kyocera Stadium home of the first leg of that final.

At the end of the bid stage RichScores helped to articulate once more all arguments to allocate the fixture that would become one of the most important matches in the history of Dutch women’s football to The Hague. A particular strong argument was the effort that would be made in terms of PR and marketing to attract as many spectators as possible

The Dutch Football Association KNVB awarded The Hague the World Cup play-off final saying it would be the target to surpass the record crowd in 2001 for a international women’s game (9,000).

RichScores took care of the event management in close cooperation with NV ADO Den Haag (Stadium) and KNVB. The goal was reached: in the end 13,109 people watched the match live in the stadium. Here some press articles (in Dutch):

OranjeLeeuwinnen plaatsen zich en Den Haag krijgt organisatie finale play-off

Bezoekersrecord voor vrouweninterland


Interview (from 2:56)